‘The Odds In Your Favor: Sabong Games Basics’

‘Sabong’ is considered to be one of the most popular pastime sports in the Philippines. It has also been the butt of the joke for the locals – ‘your father is missing, he must be out betting in sabong games again’ or sabong games are sometimes even dubbed as the stereotypical, widely-accepted pastime sport of every Filipino father. No matter how ridiculous it may seem to others, the obsession and attachment of most Filipinos to sabong games and sabong in general, actually has years of existing history to back it up.

The History of the Sabong Games

Before the sabong games reached its peak popularity, unofficial records claim it was first introduced almost 500 years ago now, at 1521 around the same time Magellan travelled to the Philippines. However, many claim that sabong and the officiating of sabong games have already been existing during the pre-colonization era of the country. Many experts claim the origin of the sabong games or simply ‘sabong’ is from within the shores of Southeast Asia, long before the time of Christ, and before the Persians brought it to Greece. Hence, why the sport remains as popular and well-known in the Philippines despite being founded hundreds of years ago.


legally allowed to operate. However, we still need to be careful as to where we register because unlike Online Sabong Cebu, E-sabong is quite prone to cyber attacks.

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The Basic Rules of the Sabong Games

betting events, and would be easy to pick up on even for first-time viewers. Basically, two cocks are pitted against each other in the middle of the cockpit and they fight until the other is no longer capable. The bettors would then bet on the cock that they feel is more likely to win (named as ‘llamado’ or ‘meron’) over the underdog (named as ‘dehado’ or ‘wala’.The rules of the sabong games are quite easy to grasp compared to other ) However, the percentage of winnings of the ‘llamado’ is slightly lower than those who betted on the ‘dehado’ because of the greater risk taken despite the odds.

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Those who also want to watch sabong games live are required to pay a ‘plasada’ or the entrance fee for this event. It may vary depending on the place, and the management handling the sabong games.

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There are still many sabong games that are being held in every corner of the country, mostly in the countryside. However, they are also now available online which you can check on for your convenience, but make sure that they are regulated and legal for your own safety. One of these sites that you could check out on is: it has great deals for new users and cater to your sabong needs on a regular basis.