Digital Takeover: Sabong Games Online Now Available

‘Sabong’ is often dubbed as the one of the most popular outlets of entertainment and gambling pastime in the country, although for some experts because of its long-existing history it may already be considered as a national sport. Despite having existed way before the colonizers arrived in the Philippines it is still extremely popular all over the nation, especially in the provinces.

The Existence of Sabong (Basic Rules)

The rules of sabong is quite simple and has remained unchanged for years --though some terms, hand signals, and betting systems may vary depending on the region you are in - the generally accepted ones are still the same. To put it simply: sabong is when you put two roosters (sometimes referred to as ‘cocks’) in the middle of an enclosed cockpit to fight, and the audience bets on the rooster they think is more likely to win. It is still done primarily for entertainment purposes and many still actively participate. However, in recent years, sabong has leveled up and taken up space into the digital world which meant people can now watch sabong games online.

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The Transition of Sabong Games Online

The ethics concerning sabong has been a long and widely debated topic way before the event has transitioned into the online world. There might not be official records as to when the sabong games became available to stream online, but the governing bodies have made efforts to finally legalize the sport.

There are now a lot sabong games online that many sabong enthusiasts can stream and watch within the comfort of their own homes – easily accessible and convenient. For traditional sabong watchers and followers of the sporting event, it may already be quicker to follow on the basics of sabong games streamed online. The only changes they may experience are the navigation of the websites and different variations of the betting system, but it’s still just as entertaining as the traditional one.

How (and where to stream) Sabong Games Online


Since the sabong games online are now quite literally available within the reach of your fingertips, the key is to now find available sabong games online. Looking for available games online are made easier through the use of the internet. You just have to make sure that these sites or applications are regulated. To cut your search short, you may check out to stream high-quality sabong games online that are sure satiate your entertainment needs.