Sabong and Chill: Online Sabong Live

A year ago, the COVID-19 virus caught the world off guard and instantly shuts everything down. One of the things that were affected by this pandemic was sports events. Sabong Events is one of the sports that was cancelled but organizers of these events were quick to respond and adapt to the changes of the pandemic, and there comes Online Sabong Live, an alternative to the traditional sabong event that everyone is familiar with.

Sabong to Livestreaming?

Similar to the traditional sabong, Online Sabong Live, is a live stream coverage of the sabong event that we are all familiar with, one of the most popular live streaming platforms for Online Sabong is

In private farms and cockpit arenas, cameras and laptops are set up at every possible angle to ensure the legitimacy of the intense showdown between the two gamecocks. But before we place our bets, we should know the requirements of a participating rooster in these Online Sabong events.

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A gamecock is eligible to take part in these Online Sabong events if they are thoroughly trained and prepared by their owners and if they are taught the proper fighting techniques. Like normal athletes, gamecocks also goes through a strict, healthy, and strong diet. The diet of a gamecock involves eating feeds that contain a lot of vitamins and supplements. And in order for the gamecocks to be fit for the grueling competition in Online Sabong, vaccines and antibiotics are given to the roosters for the strength and growth of each gamecock.

Where to watch and play Online Sabong?

For those interested in playing in the online sabong events, they will just have to create their own personal account at, and enjoy their 20 % bonus if they top-up for the first time. Their top-up money will serve as their playing money throughout the sabong event.

After then, bettors place their money on their desired gamecock (usually labeled as Meron o Wala). Then, live stream coverage is provided on legitimate website hosts such as With just a smartphone or a computer, it will feel like the quarantine never happened and your favorite sports betting game is back! Just create your account at, top-up, and start placing your bets on your favored cocks. Sports betting has never been this easy before! Create your account now!

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