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Sabong or Cockfighting is a famous sport mostly known in the Philippines with the sport being a part of their culture for thousands of years. To sum it up, Sabong takes place in a private farm or cockpit arenas, where two trained gamecocks or roosters are placed inside the cockpit and battle each other out until one of them is unable to move or fight. Gamecocks are usually armed with spikes that serve as their weapon so they could inflict damage to their opponent. International Sabong in the Philippines is widely accepted by everyone as it serves as one of the oldest traditions during fiestas and celebrations in provinces, but as years go by, it became a staple gambling event in every city.

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International Sabong

But did you know that cockfighting is also famous around the world? Countries like Colombia also consider cockfighting as a tradition, cockfighting events are held during festivals and special occasions all over the country. But with the pandemic, inperson sabong events around the world have been banned until the COVID-19 virus has been wiped out. And with that being said, organizers of these sabong events are quick to adapt to the situation at hand. Online International Sabong has been a big trend this pandemic, everyone has been hooked on this sports betting game since this pandemic started. One of the most popular sites that hosts these Online International is With their easy registration process plus their 20% Bonus on your first top-up, you will never go wrong with So what are you waiting for? Come join us now and let’s start betting on Online International Sabong!

International Sabong