‘Groundbreaking Record: The Fastest Kill Sabong’

Cockfighting is a blood sport where two gamecocks are put inside a cockpit to fight, and there is an entire audience present to witness the event. In the Philippines, this blood sport dating back to its pre-colonial history is more popularly known as ‘sabong.’ This is a widely-loved event that there are records set for the likes of ‘fastest kill sabong’ – which determines the quickest finishes of a rooster in a single match. While others may find the sport to be gruesome, the display of animal fighting purely for entertainment has already been present in human history across many cultures all over the world. ‘Sabong’ just happened to be the most popular one in the Philippines. Records of ‘fastest kill sabong’ may have existed a long time ago, although the list of record holders are still unclear. This simply further reiterate how embedded it is in the lives of the Filipino people – that records that may seem insignificant for others – like determining the fastest kill sabong – holds a special place for the sabong community.

The Significance of Sabong in Philippine Culture

It has become a national obsession for many locals for years, and it could even be claimed as the country’s version of ‘gladiator’ but with roosters (gamecocks) trained to fight while several people witness the spectacle and watch on the sidelines. For some, it may be considered as a simple pastime for entertainment, but the industry itself has continued to grow exponentially especially in the recent years that it has already been taken seriously. There are records that most people boast and aspire to achieve – like the fastest kill sabong, though it may vary depending on the rules of the hosting party.

Fastest Kill Sabong

For instance, the ‘World Slasher Cup’ is considered to be the Olympics of sabong where the best of the best gamecocks were trained and sent to fight each other. There are also some unofficial records that are now starting to be recognized, like the fastest kill sabong ever recorded – which was roughly 24 seconds – and are being given substantial amount of prizes. There are also other records that are being recognized and awarded, depending on the hosts of the sabong event. However, one that holds the most prestige is the ‘fastest kill sabong.’

Sabong in Recent Years

Sabong has established a steady presence in the community, and while not much has changed – both for its basic rules and in popularity – it has also evolved to become one of the most widely loved online streaming event. Meaning, sabong is now available online both locally and internationally (in selected areas) and that there are now websites operating for sabong games. This is good news for longtime fans and enthusiasts of the sporting event – that despite of the ever-evolving changes in the digital world, sabong has managed to pull through and adapt. For aspiring sabong record holders and wanting to achieve the ‘fastest kill sabong’ record, the online world might make the record one step closer to you. The online establishment of sabong has made it much easier to locate games and made it much easier to bet, regardless of where you might be. The records of fastest kill sabong might also be up for grabs in the online world.

One of the easier websites to access that are easy to navigate and holds sabong games regularly, is

Fastest Kill Sabong

Not only are the games streamed in high definition, but they are also constantly updated and offer great deals to its users that is sure to make any sabong enthusiast excited and eager to participate. Get involved in the world of online sabong, and get that ‘fastest kill sabong record’ under your belt and start betting now.